Z-Offset paper alternative?

  • Hi *,

    I have a other (and new to me) approach to set the correct z-offset. I know that most people to it with paper or with a feeler gauge.
    I used my micrometer calliper. today. 😄 So I printed the "floor" of a cube without infill and root and with one layer thick and measured the floor with my micrometer calliper. And guess who needed to adjust his z-offset? 😉

    What do you guys think? Is that method widely known? Are there disadvantages of this method? Did I missed something?

    Cheers, Chriss

  • It is a reasonable method for fine tuning but the paper method is much faster for initial setup.

    Generally, whenever I print with a brim, I measure the thickness at multiple spots on the brim portion of the print and use those readings to adjust things as needed.

  • @jens55

    Indeed, that can not be the initial setup!
    It works very nice for fine tuning and a very good method to waste 95% of the time to reach the last 5%. 😉

    Cheers, Chriss

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