LEDs for steppers

  • I just finished the wiring and put the machine back together. when I power it on not all the LEDs for the steppers come on. I thought it could be the terminals as I had problems with the endstops not having any continuity (2 out of 3 didn't) so I swapped the ends with DuPont connectors, thinking it was the same thing. I kept everything in order but I still have only partial lights and no movement.

  • Did you check your crimp on the pins? I had my extruder act all crazy and eventually do that, and it was a in that the conductor got pushed away from the pin. Have you checked continuity with ground? Checked the other side of the connector?

  • Is the writing by the stepper Z stop or Z step? If its stop then I kinda makes sense except for the fact the there is a light by the extruder thats lit. Curse my old eyes 😞

  • Yes I checked them with a meter with them out of the shell. they were as flat as they are gonna go without spreading the metal out.

  • Z stop. It is an indicator for each axis endstop.

  • OK, then it is still the endstops. I'll dive into those tomorrow as its quite late here. thanks that helped get me going!

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    If you are using standard normally-closed microswitches for the endstops, then the LEDs should be lit when the endstop switch is connected but not triggered.

  • They are optical endstops and they are lit when on, but not triggered as well. They weren't lighting and I repaired the solder joints and that got them working, one of them has gone back out, I have a spare and a few spares on order as back up.

    Really should start adding questions from the forum to the troubleshooting section, there isn't much there.

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