Bed and Hotend heating stops during G28 and G29

  • As the title says, and it has been all of a sudden.

    On my three printers (2 x Duet Wifi, 1 x Duet Maestro), I do a preheat to get my printers to operating temps, then perform a macro:
    G32 x 3

    Then I am ready to print.

    But as of about the last two weeks, after my preheating is complete, and I perform the above macro, the hot end and bed both release their holding temps. I thought at first it was because my STANDBY TEMPS were set to 0. But it still drops the temps with those set to match my preheat.

    Let me know what files if any you need to see. Not a huge inconvenience, but I would like to fix it.


  • I do. Reading guide again now.

  • Moderator

    B1 will disable the heaters during the print move to eliminate any electrical or magnetic interference during probing. If your heater has trouble maintaining temp during the probe move and/or you get no benefit from having it turn off the heaters, use B0.

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