Duet3 expansion - power supply

  • hey communitiy,
    Do I have to connect the expansion board power via the mainboard or should I connect it directly to the RSU?
    maybe a stupid question.....but I´m scared todestroy the electronic.
    KR Richard Gruna

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    Do you mean daisy chaining the power from the main board to the expansion? Connecting directly to the power supply would probably be best. I don't think it has the same shared ground connection that the Duet2 and Duex board has.

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    You can connect the expansion board directly to the PSU, or daisy chain the power from one board to another. There is just one combination that I have found not to work well:

    • High powered bed heater driven directly from the Duet 3 bed heater output
    • Long and not very thick wires between the PSU and the Duet 3 main board
    • Expansion board powered directly from the PSU

    This combination generates enough differential ground noise to upset the CAN bus signals. So if using the Duet 3 to drive a high-powered heater directly, position the PSU close to the Duet 3 and use short thick power wires between them.

  • @Phaedrux
    I use Duet3 6hc with the duet3 expansion 3hc...
    I´ll try to connect both boards directly to the RSU.

    @dc42 To avoid this problems I´ll use a SSR to heat the bed. In this case its not direct driven by the Duet3, rigth?

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    @barbarossa-cologne said in Duet3 expansion - power supply:

    In this case its not direct driven by the Duet3, rigth?


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