Problem with Duex Endstop Pins (external Gcode)

  • Hello, i have a Problem with my duex Endstop pins. I want to use them as external Gcode trigger. I allready have some on the Duet and they are working fine.

    When i configure a Duex5 Endstop Pin to an Trigger for an external switch the trigger will noch be triggered when i push the switch. No matter if i invert the Pin. BUT if a cable is connected, and i pull the cable if the pin, also when it is noch attached to GROUND, the pin gets triggered....

    the problem also shows up in the newest RRF

    I dont know what causes this Problem, also the endstop pin LEDs never light up, do i have to configure them bevorhand... Or do i have a broken DUEX or DUET.

    And im currently using RRF3.0

  • I solved the Problem 😄

    You have to PullUp the Pin than it will work.