Heated beds wattages

  • My question would be at what piont do i daymahe the bed by over wattage. Ive noticed that thers are some realy hi wattages avalable on the market
    I have a 500x500mm bed
    1400 watts. All the way down to 500wats.
    I am rinning a glass build platform.
    I would love some advice on max. Wattages. My concern is if i heat to quickly would that warp my bed.. is it important to give the bed time to heat from top to bottom or am i being concerned about nothing... thanks. Ed

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    I assume you're looking at silicone heating mats?

    Do you have an aluminum heat spreader picked out already?


    0.4W per square cm of bed area.

    50cm x 50cm = 2500cm^2
    2500cm^2 x 0.4W = 1000W

  • I was going to use the original aluminum bed from creality with the glass top. Would that be .o k?

  • 1000 w i found one that was that size and wattage
    Great ..Thanks

  • I think my heater is 1200W for a Creality CR10-5 which is 500*500.
    It is attached to the underside of the standard aluminum bed and there is a glass top (the one that came with the printer) on top.

    The bed has a sub frame of aluminum bars that is screwed to the aluminum build plate. Make sure you get a heater that has all the holes in it for that printer if your printer has the bars under the build plate. The aluminum bars are removed, the heater is attached and the aluminum bars go back on. Careful not to over tighten the mounting screws - firm but not torqued down.

    I found that the aluminum bars caused some extra heat dissipation around the outside of the heated bed and I ended up insulating the bars to slow down heat dissipation.
    I also found that the heat sensor that was built into the heater is off a bit and you require maybe 15 minutes of warm up time to equalize things.

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