fly wheel on stepper motor

  • I have a bunch of second-hand steppers and some of them have some type of fly wheel attached to them.


    The wheel is held to the motor shaft with a spring loaded friction so wheel normally rotates with the shaft but can with some resistance rotate on it's own.

    I was once told that this is used for "high speed" steppers without much explanation.

    Anyone have any info to share on these and if they could be useful for 3D printing (the fly wheels)

  • @arhi I have seen very similar attachments from Oriental Motors that are used as mechanical vibration dampeners. Radial vibrations are dampened due to the relatively large rotational mass.

    The adverse of this is of course very high rotational inertia, that is why they are used for "high speed" steppers. Actually continuous speed steppers would be more accurate, as the motor needs to overcome its own inertia now combined with the large extra inertia with any change in speed. This makes they virtually useless for 3D printing purposes and acutally even a significant hindrance I would say. 3D printers are known for lots and lots of small moves, making accelerating and decelerating speeds where its at.

  • @Nxt-1 you seen any links with explanations how they operate?

    The inertial is def. bigger but not that huge as the spring is not too strong so when motor stop turning the disk is free to spin few turns till the friction stops it..

    But yes, makes sense they are not good for 3d printing, I think these were used on the laser cutter/engraver moving the head from side to side so no short moves

  • @arhi The information I have, I got from an sales guy at Oriental, I have not seen them in action though.

    My guess is that the spring is there to act as a clutch, as you figured. This could improve the large inertia drawback.

  • @arhi Just do a "google search" for "stepper motors flywheel" and you'll get lots of links. Here is one (but there are many more )

  • wow huge difference when I use flywheel vs fly wheel 😄 😄 😄 thanks!

  • @arhi That made me chuckle. It's another example of English that we natives never think about. "Fly" the verb as in to fly (around), rather than "Fly" the noun as in small insect.

  • @deckingman said in fly wheel on stepper motor:

    another example of English

    Also another example where non-google search engines are inferior than google search engine. I tend to not use google and mostly Usually, google handles this type of mistakes much better than the others and when I get lousy results I usually check too but this time I was not sure the "flywheel" is the actual name of the thing or not as I kinda named it myself 😄 (luckily it looks like I was close 😄 ) so I assumed lack of results was 'cause it was not called like that 🙂

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