Inconsistant BL Touch leveling

  • I installed a Deut wifi and with BL Touch on my CR-10 S5. Everything works like it should and the Map that is generated in consistent. However when the print starts the front of the build plate will have the z too tight to extrude and in the back its too high to stick. Every time I print it different too. I know I can manually adjust the grid points but that will prevent me from being able to level before each print and will have to depend on a saved mesh to stay consistent. Has anyone had similar issues and have figured it out?

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    Test the trigger height at multiple points on the bed to see how consistent it is. Sometimes there is an amount of tilt that varies between points on the bed due to geometry errors in the frame.

    Also verify that your probe offset is correct. -X to the left, -Y to the front of the nozzle.

  • Probing speed also impacts accuracy. I was getting good results with 2mm/s probe, but slowed it down to 1mm/s for good measure - reduce the probing height to help recover the time.

  • Ok I'll try that. worth a shot and makes a lot of scene.

  • Doing multiple probings per point makes the result MUCH more accurate. I probe up to ten times but any two close successive readings (within a defined range) will stop the probing and report the result.

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    @Kwad3d Please post your current config.g, send M115 to the Duet and post the response (shows firmware version) and, ideally, post a screen shot of the bed mesh.

    Inconsistent probing can be caused by many things; probing too fast, poor wiring connections, electrical interference, mechanical issues (slipping or binding moving parts) and so on. It can, of course, be caused by electronics malfunctions or firmware bugs, but these are pretty rare! Most likely a configuration error is to blame, which is why seeing your current config.g would be most useful.


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