Duet3 and NEMA23 with gearbox

  • Hi @T3P3Tony @dc42
    I am trying to run a NEMA23 (datasheet) with gearbox on it. For this, I am using an external driver (datasheet).

    Two cases:
    Motor runs absolutely fine (with feedrate 30, we recompiled the code with new minimum values) with Duet2Wifi with the following settings in configuration:
    Microstepping: 4 (same is being set on external driver too)
    Steps per mm: 11000
    Maximum instantaneous speed change: 1
    Maximum speed: 30
    Accelerations: 1
    Motor current: 4.2 A (set on external driver, internal current setting doesn't matter)
    (All parameters in default units).

    Motor doesn't move at all (just vibrates a little) with same settings when I tried with Duet3 without the external driver (since Duet3 can deliver 4A with the on board driver itself).

    If you can help me with what can I be doing wrong or is it the limitation with TMC5160 on Duet3 ?
    PS: @Saurabh

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    @gargvikas18 Don't assume that the wiring for the external motor driver is the same for the Duet 3. You MUST identify the stepper motor phases, and connect them correctly to the Duet. See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Choosing_and_connecting_stepper_motors#Section_Connecting_stepper_motors

    Ideally, please post your Duet 3 config.g, too.


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    hi @gargvikas18 a couple of things to try:

    1. Testing initially with a lower microstepping, step rate and acceleration will help pinpoint the issue.
    2. Try the motor unloaded.

    Of course we have to assume that the phases are connected correctly as @droftarts mentioned

  • Hi @droftarts and @T3P3Tony,
    Checked the phases. All connections are absolutely fine. No problems with the hardware there.

    Attaching the config file too. Please ignore the messy arrangement of drives. I needed so many drives to drive everything in my machine.

    1. Tested with lower numbers too. No luck.
    2. Motor is completely unloaded except the load from the gearbox. Won't be able to unload that. I have a similar motor without the gearbox. That runs perfectly with this configuration.

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