Failed print layer synchronized time lapse

  • I was printing a lamp that was supposed to go to 584 mm tall, but 26 hours in, the printer threw a heater fault. Doesn't matter- It will still be useful. Photo sequence shot with cell phone activated by a bluetooth button.

    Not sure why it threw a fault- thermistor, cable, and connectors all OK, heater seems to be OK. We were having some thunderstorms- maybe a power glitch did it.

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    Thats is a nice looking print! Is the bluetooth button wired to the Duet one a pin that toggles on layer change?

  • @T3P3Tony No, no wiring at all. I use custom gcode on layer change to move the extruder to the back of the printer when a layer is complete. When it gets there, the Y axis pushes the button. All it takes is a couple small printed parts to hold the bluetooth button and the pusher:

    In this print, the five solid layers at the bottom take about 15 minutes each. The bluetooth button shuts down after 10 minutes of no activity, so I've been manually pushing it one extra time on each of those 5 solid layers. I deleted those images from the sequence before I assembled the video. I don't know how long the CR2032 battery lasts in the bluetooth button - maybe I'll find out during this print. It's held up for about 40 hours of printing so far.

    I'm using my old Droid Turbo cell phone that has a cracked screen and a 24 megapixel camera, so I can actually shoot much higher resolution images.

    I've restarted the print and camera, but this time it's lit with UV.

    Taking the pictures adds about 3 seconds per print layer. In this print there will be about 2400 layers, so an extra 7200 seconds.

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