Smart effector flashes 7 times repeatedly.

  • I've tried researching this but cant find anything online other then what the 7 flashes means.

    I have a rostock max v2 and just added a duet 2 board and smart effector to it. The duet board seems to work fine, all the towers move and the heaters and fans all seem to work, but the smart effector just flashes at me. I tried the initial test of tapping the end and seeing if it flashes and that's when I noticed that its just flashing 7 times, pausing, then flashing 7 times again. This goes on for at least ten minutes which is how long I left it seeing if it would reset. I tried powering off and back on a few times as well as checking all the wires are providing current. I also disconnected the heater and fans to see if it was something wrong there and I still just get the 7 flashes. What are some trouble shooting steps I can preform?

    Not sure what other pieces of info would help.
    Rostock max v2 printer
    12v 29a meanwell powersupply
    panel 5i
    Duet 2 wifi
    smart effector
    12v 40w heater cartridge
    generic thermistor
    0.9 degree m3d stepper motors
    bondtech extruder
    onyx v7 heated bed
    ninja sticker

  • From wiki : Codes 6 and 7 should normally indicate damage to the strain gauge traces.

    So you may need new effector.

  • I saw that but I didn't see any trouble shooting steps. My assumption is I have something wrong since it hasn't worked out of the box.

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    Can you post a close up photo of both sides of the effector?

  • Here is the front and back.


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    Thanks. How old is the Smart Effector and where was is purchased?

  • I ordered it on June 2nd from Filastruder.

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    Please contact Filastruder and initiate a warranty replacement. Refer them to this thread as authorization.

    The traces of the strain gauge are quite delicate so be sure to be careful during installation.

  • kk, thanks.

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