dead stepper... accidentally

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    I did accidentally kill the stepper driver by dropping off the motor then it was connected, it gets very hot then I start the board and don't work anymore. For now, I did remapping to use E1 for my X motor. But my question is will it not harm to leave dead stepper in the board and continue to operate? Will it be just hot and not harm anything else? And is there a way to exchange it with a warranty or is somebody replacing dead steppers in the Netherlands?


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    @felt342 Unfortunately, this is not a warranty situation; see

    Do you get motor driver overheat warnings? You get a warning if the driver gets to 100C, and it disables at 150C. If you're not even getting a warning, the heat is probably not a problem.

    What are your motor settings now? If you want to disable the driver, you can add M569 P0 R-1 (where P0=X stepper driver) to your config.g, which should disable the driver and turn off monitoring (so you don't get overheat warnings). If it's still getting hot even with this command, it would be better to remove the driver from the board.

    We don't really have the capacity to do repairs, but their are some community members who will undertake it; see

    We do have a small number of refurbished Duets in stock, which will reduce the cost of replacement, but we don't sell these on an exchange basis. If you want one, please email Roland on and tell him I sent you!


  • @droftarts Thanks for your message! I don't get any warning about driver being too hot. I guess then it's normal. I did however disabled it by your suggestion using:

    M569 P0 R-1

    I will check community first, and if no luck there I will definitely use a refurbished one. Thank you again!

  • which board is it? Wifi/Ethernet or Maestro?

  • @bearer it is Duet2 Wifi.

  • if you have more than one printer and could use the heated bed from another you might be able to do it yourself using some low temperature solder and a regular iron to remove the old chip (all the pins are exposed, nothing under the chip).

    i'd probably want to practice on another board first, anything old with flat package chips on them, hard drive boards is my go-to.

    once removed soldering in the new is comparatively easy with some good flux.

    with respect to the link Ian provided, i'm "out of order" for a few weeks, but we could get back to it later if the other options don't pan out.

  • @bearer

    Huh, I never had experience doing something like this... And you strive me to try haha 😄
    Well, indeed I might better to practice something old. But I would like to know if it is possible if you can help me out here, I am not in a hurry with this. But would like to do it professionally 🙂
    May you tell how much it will be overall with shipping to the Netherlands, in a private message, please?

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