Modified BLV cube

  • I always enjoy reading about other people's printers, so I'll share mine I just finished.

    It's a BLV Cube with a full enclosure, 7" touchscreen connected to a Pi 4, heavily modified toolhead, and some cosmetic tweaks. Really a great design, but everything could always use some upgrades!

    Features/improvements from original design:

    • Precision Piezo Z-probe
    • Dual 5015 part cooling fans
    • V6 hotend with Bondtech direct-drive
    • 300x300 magnetic bed
    • Raspberry Pi with Duet 2 Ethernet
    • Lots(!) of LEDs

    Possible upgrades:

    • Watercooling for hotend and part cooling fans
    • Better bed (currently I have a cheap aluminum bed with integrated heater)
    • Toolchanger

    A little bit of history:

    This is my second printer build. I started out with a Printrbot, and designed my own printer using hardware from the Printrbot (just a standard CoreXY with linear rods, etc.). It worked quite well for about 5 years, with some significant hardware revisions and upgrades. I wanted to build a bigger and better one, using the significant lessons learned while building and upgrading, and I had some designs floating around in my head. I was originally planning on building it with V-slot, until I came across the BLV Cube, and loved it. From that stemmed this printer.

    Now for the good part: Pictures!


    Detail of the gantry:

    Detail of the toolhead:

    Messy electronics

    Feel free to ask questions, and enjoy!

    Edit: Added files for front panel. (rename to

  • Very cool! I think I've seen your design on Thingiverse before. πŸ™‚

    I recently built a BLV cube kit, and am in the process of doing some modifications -- changing to blind joints for the main frame members, fully enclosing it, and adding a third Z axis and kinematic bed for automatic leveling.



    The project has slowed down a bit as some other things have taken priority in recent weeks (and my new Keenovo bed heater has languished in a shipping center in Shanghai), but looking forward to moving things forward soon. πŸ™‚

    I really like your front panel! Is that your design as well? I decided to swap out to a cheapo 7" tablet connected to DWC and am still thinking about the new front panel design...

  • @whopping-pochard
    Thanks! Though it's not my design, I just modified it... 😁 I understand waiting for parts to sit in a warehouse for weeks. A lot of my parts went through the same ordeal, some taking more than a month!

    I do like the kinematic bed leveling system, might have to put it on the list of upgrades.

    Yes, the front panel is my design. I made it for a cheap 7" touchscreen from ebay, and printed it in three pieces. If you want, I can share the design.

  • @SAtech said in Modified BLV cube:

    If you want, I can share the design.

    That would be awesome, I'd love to see it!

  • The kinematic mount doesn't look right to me, but maybe I can't see details in the picture you posted. It looks like there are 3 parallel slots. That isn't how to make a kinematic mount...

  • @mrehorstdmd yeah, that’s a super zoomed out view... the actual couplings are based on I think your design, with one being effectively a ball joint, one a sliding joint, and one able to translate in X and Y. The slider joint translates along an axis intersecting with the ball joint.

  • @whopping-pochard That sounds right. nevermind.

  • Nice printer shame about the wiring.

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