Ready for 5 Axis fiddling :)

  • Good day all!
    I know the topic has been touched a few times here but I cannot find the answer to this question.

    Q: Can I map 2 additional Axis for the build plate to tilt around the roll and pitch attitude using three Z motors
    My bed design can give me around 30 degree of freedom (+-15deg) in all direction.

    I have no knowledge about delta printers, but I would assume that they share some similarities with what I am trying to achieve.

    I am also totally aware of the immense slicer challenge I am facing. But one bite at the time is how you eat an elephant.

    Demo video:

    Here is a Fusion 360 web explorer of my Design.

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    The existing delta kinematics allows you to define additional delta towers and additional linear axes. So without changing the kinematics, the best you could do is to add three linear axes, The Z height would not be compensated for XY position.

    So I think you would need to define custom kinematics for your printer. See

  • Thank you for the prompt reply as always dc42 🙂

    I am pulling my old and rusty C skills and will get at it 🙂 Will keep you posted.

  • Hi Olivier,

    I'm very happy you're using Duet for your project, as I plan to build you bed design. As said in another thread, I may build a Delta printer instead of a CoreXY, so the same 3 linear axis are used for both head XYZ movements, and bed ABZ movements... This is 1 motor more than needed, but a simpler mechanic.

    About code, you should use external script to pre-process the G-Code, so you can do that with whatever language you want. That's what I did to slice a portion of sphere:

    PS: why did you switch to rails for the 3 small linear axis under the bed, instead of the linear bearings?

  • @fma Thanks Fred!
    I switched to rails under bed for easier mounting and more rigidity. Fixing a linear rod under there and the capturing the bearing was getting too much plastic involved. Plus I had a hard time sourcing good LM10UU for that task and did not want to go with misumi solution.

    I am using MGN12H replicas worth 10$ each. 🙂

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