when does filament sensor reset?

  • I know that when I send M591 D0 P7 C"^e0stop" L... filament sensor resets the data and start from scratch but when does it do that on it's own if ever?

    If the E value is 3mm will the filament sensor reset every 3mm or the error will be cumulative during the lifetime of a printer session?

    Attm I'm resetting the values at the begining of each print in print_start.g that I call from starting gcode script but I'm considering adding the same thing to layer change script too

  • I've been fiddling with the Bigtreetech pulse filament sensor during my last print and I've noticed that when I change the M591 settings while printing - it stops receiving data. I changed the the lenght to 7mm, and tried the S:15 and S;22, but it does not receive any data. Maybe it needs to be changed before the print?

  • @omni after the M591 it dumps all the data and wait for new one, so during print (only during SD card print) it will start collecting it... but you need 7mm of print to receive a single pulse so it's slow in your case.. I assume long E (~ 25mm) and I assume the first data you will see there is after 25mm is extruded trough sd card print.

    I added to reset it on every layer on my printer

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