Homing Preferences

  • I'm a noob, can someone give me a break down of the different chunks of the "Homing Preferences" section of the RepRep Config Tool? I simply don't know what each option is talking about.

    -Homing Speed (First Pass)
    -Homing Speed (Second Pass)
    -Z Dive height

    Is this talking about taking the extruder to home (0,0,0)? If so, what is this business about a first / second pass?

    I'm trying to set up my Duet 2 Ethernet to control my Creality CR-10 Mini. I have updated the firmware on the board to 3.0

    Thanks in advance!

  • @tmeryhew the config tool sets up your printer to do a double pass on each endstop. (I.e. it will home the axis twice) The first is faster (so it doesn't take forever if the head is the far end of the axis). It then moves back a few mm and does a second slower home to get an accurate endstop position on that axis.

    The z dive height is the amount it will raise the nozzle (or drop your bed) before homing to make sure it clears anything on your bed (the top layer of a print that just finished/failed/stopped, your bed not being quite level yet etc).

    I've found the default values worked for me out of the box, but you can easily tweak them later if you like/need when your printer is up and running 🙂

  • @engikeneer fantastic! Thank you big time for the clear explanation of what’s actually going on.

    I’m sure I’m going to have more questions over the next several days. I genuinely appreciate the help!

  • Hi,

    Where the extruder ends up depends on the code executed.

    The command to move to the end stop leaves that axis, say X, at the location of the end stop, which is typically at or near the min or max limit of the X axis.

    On my machine the range of the X axis is -150 to +150, the Y axis from -100 to + 100, the Z axis from 0 to +350.

    The X end stop sensor is at the -150 end, the Y end stop sensor is at the +100 end and the Z end stop sensor is at the 0 end.

    So if I did nothing but execute the commands to move to the end stops the extruder would end up at -150,+100,0.

    However I like to have it end up at 0,0,0 so I have additional "normal" move commands to achieve this.


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