A big oops.

  • Just trying to neaten my design up I made a cover for my case which the duet-wifi is inside.
    Bad idea !!!! about 10 minutes into the print I got a heater fault 0 and 1.
    With the mcu saying 56c , so that's what you get for enclosing a duet without board cooling.
    All looks o.k after removing the cover.

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    I am surprised, because 56C is not an excessive MCU temperature. It should work up to at least 85C. Have you calibrated the MCU temperature? https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Calibrating_the_CPU_temperature

  • @peter247 said in A big oops.:

    got a heater fault 0 and 1

    wouldn't that be something related to the firmware detecting a problem with controlling the heating loop for the bed and hotend? and not directly related to the temperature of the board?

    maybe the elevated temperature affected the connection of the heaters thermistors or output wiring?

  • @bearer I don't think it was wiring to the heaters .
    I've done a multi-day print without problems , but about minutes in a print without ventilation it throws a heater fault on both heaters.
    It is not a big problem it just need to fit a fan to cool it if fully enclosed.

  • I have a duetwifi in a very cramped not actively cooled enclosure (CR-20 underbed sheet metal box -- using external antenna) which runs for days without issues. An MCU shutdown due to heat has completely different error messages than heater fault, so I am absolutely positive your failure only correlates with the switch to a printed enclosure, but isn't caused by it.

    In my personal experience, heater faults happen when the cables give out, or connections are loose, or from cooling backwash from a hotend cooler, or when the thermistor falls out.

    Since you have a heater fault on heater 0 and heater 1, I would guess that it's an issue with the heater connections on the board. Can you show a photo maybe?

  • @oliof It did it again and found my fault , I haven't locked in the tool heater plug .
    So it wasn't at the board end .

  • Glad you figured it out!

  • Not sure it makes sense that the tool affect both heater 0 and 1. Maybe you should look over the other connections as well and potentially save yourself yet another failed print

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