Baby Stepping Not Effective? Z Probe offset does nothing?

  • Glad yo got it sorted and your frustrations are at an end. So NOW you can use baby stepping if necessary to make fine adjustments to that first layer.

  • BTW, something that tripped me up for a few hours, is that if your config.g includes M501 (to apply config-override.g), this will also change the probe offset from G31, because the probe offset is included in the saved data from M500.

    So I was adjusting the Z height in config.g then issuing it manually in the Gcode console during tuning, have it work just fine, then I would lose my changes the next time the Duet rebooted even though I had adjusted my config.g! This made it seem like my Z sensor was inconsistent and set me off a wild goose chase trying to fix a non-existent problem.

    In the end I decided that config-override.g was just hiding important config bits to another file, so I disabled M501 and put everything in config.g, this made everything work as expected. IIRC @deckingman you don't use config-override.g either, now I know why. 😉


  • @fulg:

    …................................IIRC @deckingman you don't use config-override.g either, now I know why. 😉


    Yup. Sooner or later it'll bite you in the ar.. I prefer just to have one file that contains all the settings. Admittedly, I have to make note of changes and manually edit config.g, so it's not as convenient as using M500 but personally, I'd rather do it that way.

  • Well I recall David was reluctant to have a config override and this is why. It gets me from time to time. Maybe it would be possible to pop up something to say "would you like to save?" when it's a command saved into config override, it's only a short list of commands?

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    The parameters stored are listed in the wiki entry:

    I also resisted using M500 but now just use it to save typeing, especially after delta calibration:

    Run M500, go to system files, open config-overide.g, copy the values. open config.g paste the values….

    Maybe I should just remove them from config.g completely and only use the config-override.g values now i think about it!


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