Auto bed leveling , move point or every time.

  • Hi , Which is best lots of points in the mesh which is very slow and then just load the mesh from the sd card or low points in the mesh and run the mesh every time ?.

  • Hi,

    I create the height map using a 20 x 20 mm grid via a macro - it takes awhile.

    I load the height map at the start of each print via a macro invoked by the slicer code at the start of the print. All of the code needed to get things setup for printing is in this macro.


  • I have a 350 x 350 bed , so now doing a 60mm mesh which I'm doing every time , but if I do a large flat print I can tell the mesh is a little off , get a little ripple , so wondering if loading a save mesh works better.

  • @peter247

    My bed is 300 x 300 mm. Probing with a 20 x 20 mm grid takes too long to do for each print, so I only do it manually.

    Loading the saved height map works fine for me.


  • I think a hi point mesh and reloading the grid is the way togo. How stable is your bed, is it removable ? If your printer is mechanically stable i dont see an issue with reloading the grid.

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