Cura and DWC help

  • I have just switched to using cura to slice with..

    I did a print of the same part twice, sliced it with cura and using duet web control..
    both prints made a good print till layer 48, then seemed to rush though 49 to 60 not printing and then saying it was 100% complete both prints stopped printing at the same layer 48 but continued up to layer 60 at 0% time for each layer past 48, printed the entire flat surface then at layer 48 it starts to print a round extrusion up to layer 60 but never printed the round..
    So i went back to simplify3d and the same part printed all the way up...

    any suggestions?

    this is a duet2 board with firmware 3.1.1 installed

    Thanks gary

  • @gorf26 IMHO it would be necessary to look at the g-code file which you used with cura and check whether e.g. M208 limits were violated. You could let the Cura-generated G-code check for errors by tools. Is there something special at layer 48 which could cause the problem (model gets wider, matrial change or similar).

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    Post your config.g and the gcode in question.

    I'm going to venture that something hasn't been configured correctly in Cura.

  • You are probable right cure setting i put a link to dropbox for the gcode and config.g

    it does seem to be when the print is changing from a flat thats about 40mm square to a circle that i think is around 15mm round and 8mm high with a hole in center

    I did go back to simplify3d and print the cura gcode, not the stl file and it also stopped at the same layer

    Thanks gary

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    That's quite bizarre.

    ironing_enabl ;SETTING_3 ed = True

    Do you have ironing enabled in cura? That large flat area before the transition to the circle would get ironed, and in fact in the cura preview it does look like it's trying to iron that area.

    Ironing can sometimes cause extruder jams because it extrudes such a small amount and moves so slowly so the plastic just sits and cooks in the hotend and then when you go to the round part it's trying to extrude but can't. S3D works fine to slice because it can't do ironing.

    That's my theory anyway.

  • Yes ironing was enabled, got turned on by mistake, i have never used it, but anyway it did finish the print so looks like that was the problem.

    Any suggestions to support setting's in cura i have been using petg and the supports are hard to remove and leave a real rough finish, the finish on the rest of the part look good,
    and i assume petg won't bridge to good..

    Thanks gary

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    PETG supports are pretty tricky because of how sticky it is to itself. You can try experimenting with increasing the support fan speed override to try cooling the interface layer more. That seems to help for me.

  • Will give it a try thanks

    PETG can be machined right, maybe i will just mill the flat support area's..


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