does anyone know why my printer started doing this?

  • i have a cr 10 w duet wifi 2. the printer has been working fine and printing great. after a print, i went to home the printer and everything homed except the X axis. so i do it again. everytime i home X, it will move +10mm. i checked my wiring, my firmware looks good imo. i just cant figure it out and wasnt sure if anyone had any troubleshooting for me.

  • Off the top of my head I'd check:
    -Does it happen with homex and also with homeall?
    -Is it possible to tram the x over manually?
    -With printer off, hand slide the x carriage - does it feel smooth?
    -Check wiring connections since the cabling for the axis does move
    -M122 Output

    Best to provide the following so people can give advise:


  • Chances are that your home switch is defective.
    Printer tries to go 'home', switch is already closed/open/whatever and the Duet says 'I am here and now I need to go to the zero position which is 10 mm from the switch'
    This will repeat forever.
    I would suggest pulling the wires for the home switch and see what happens. If you get the same result, short the x home switch terminals at the board and see what happens.
    If the action doesn't change then either the config.g file is set up incorrectly or there is something wrong with the Duet.

    If you have a multi meter, pull the x home plug and throw the meter onto the cable connections and see if pressing and releasing the home switch has the expected results.

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    Need more info otherwise we're just guessing.

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