Delta calibration G32 - twice in a row problem

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    Thanks to @droftarts the z probe on my QQ-S Pro is now working. If I run the delta calibration (G32) everything seems to go okay. If I run it a second time, the sensor goes outside of the periphery and I have to turn the unit off. If I run calibration, switch unit off/on and run calibration again, all goes well.

    Firmware version 3.1.1

    config.g bed.g

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    I think you should remove the G28 from the end of bed.g. You don't want to reset the Z0 position based on the endstops after you have run calibration.

    Also, not sure why you'd want to run G32 twice. I'm not a delta user though, so maybe I'm missing something.

  • @Phaedrux the running twice is because the normal process for a Delta is repeated G32s until the value converges on a acceptable value (typically >.05 for a good stiff build and >.1 for cheaper ones). Then M500 and provided nothing shifts one or two G32s should do you.

    As to the why of the outside bounds I'm not sure. The fixing by resetting makes me think that something is up with the config-override being generated.

    Could you give us the output from editing the bed.g to change the S parameter on the final G30 command to S-1 to get a report only?

  • @Baenwort Thank you for the response. I ran the command with the final G30 command S6 changed to S-1. The results are:
    12/08/2020, 20:18:39 G32
    G32 bed probe heights: 4.390 4.090 4.498 4.660 3.629 3.209 2.990 3.118 3.910 0.460 0.659 0.590 0.079 -0.180 0.119 -1.023, mean 2.200, deviation from mean 1.937
    Warning: No M501 command was executed in config.g

    Results above are the most recent test, I tried a couple of things first:
    1 - Tried calibration with M500 at end, and re-enabled M501 in config.g. This caused the first attempt at calibration after a machine reset to go out of bounds.
    2 - Tried commenting out M501 in config.g and using S-1 in bed.g. This caused a consistent G32 result... well very nearly. Please see results below.
    12/08/2020, 19:32:23 G32
    G32 bed probe heights: 4.400 4.110 4.508 4.660 3.619 3.199 2.990 3.118 3.920 0.480 0.669 0.600 0.079 -0.180 0.119 -1.013, mean 2.205, deviation from mean 1.936
    12/08/2020, 19:36:14 G32
    G32 bed probe heights: 4.390 4.090 4.488 4.640 3.609 3.199 2.990 3.118 3.920 0.460 0.659 0.580 0.069 -0.190 0.119 -1.023, mean 2.195, deviation from mean 1.936

    config-override.g config.g bed.g

    Thank you for your help.

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