PanelDue 7i Duet 3 RRF3

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    is it normal that it takes around 10-15 seconds until a PanelDue 7i connection to a Duet 3 is established? RRF3 and PanelDue firmware are the latest versions. Connectin is configured for 115200 bps.

    M575 P1 S1 B115200                                        ; enable support for PanelDue

    Thanks, Martin

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    It's much quicker than that for me, using Duet 3 in standalone mode, but I use the default 57600 baud.

  • Changing the baud rate makes no difference. Already tried that. But I certainly can live with some additional seconds when powering up the printer 😉

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    Do you have a splash screen on your PanelDue? I do on mine, and I usually touch it as soon as it comes up to clear it. Meanwhile the Duet has booted and is ready to receive data from the PanelDue.

    If the PanelDue sends its first command before the Duet is ready to receive it, it waits (5 seconds AFAIR) before timing out and trying again.

    If you have CAN-connected boards in your Duet 3 system, it's worth ensuring that the M575 command is early in config.g, before any commands that refer to expansion boards.

  • Are you in standalone or SBC mode?

  • @jay_s_uk said in PanelDue 7i Duet 3 RRF3:

    Are you in standalone or SBC mode?

    SBC and in the meantime I realized that of course the RPI first has to finish the boot sequence. I should use my brain 😅

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