Very new, issue with palette/duet 2

  • Hello there.

    First of all, I’m new here and also new to 3d printing.
    I don’t have any coding or programming background so I will be asking very stupid questions so please bear with me.

    So, I bought a printer off (prusa i3 mk3s) a friend. It has a Duet2 installed and so far I’ve just been using the web interface to get things going via prusa slicer.

    Now, I have bought a palette 2 pro and canvas hub. I’m struggling to work out how the whole process works. It seems I need a gazillion programs and plug ins and slicers and octopoo’s etc and it’s all just too much for me to process.

    My question is,
    Is there any way to get the laptop/printer/palette/canvas hub talking to each other that someone with very very basic knowledge can understand? I really need babying here so apologies in advance.


  • @danclayton552

    Not much to it really though not a great combo Duet and Palette2 but it works of a fashion
    Is your hub a canvas or diy ? Factory hub has it all installed though slower than DIY!
    Either way if its a diy its 2 plug ins install them via octoprint from the mosaic site so add them through plugin manager in octoprint settings then show more and paste the link for each file then restart the server(octoprint) plug the usb cable into duet from the hub(Pi) configure your printer in octoprint there are videos for this its controlled via octoprint not DWC (the duet) but DWC will still show temps position etc.
    Printing over usb is slower than native duet as it sends the information in bits as the printer needs it kinda thats it follow the screen prompts to calibrate your extruder/colour mixing again Chris's basement on youtube has a really good video for this aspect.

    Hope this is of help

  • @Carlo Hello,

    My canvas hub is a genuine mosaic item and not a DIY.

    My problem was when trying to connect the canvas via Octoprint to the printer I would get the message

    (ERROR: Bad command:RepRap Firmware for duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet is up and running)

  • @danclayton552

    Go in to settings click the wrench select in serial connection, firmware&protocol untick the auto firmware detection then select reprap sd files by relative path see if that helps.
    Though I didn't have to select that for my set up and its a bit hard for me to test as its connected to a Marlin board at the moment as I said not a great combo with duet.
    Pretty sure @Phaedrux uses octoprint with his palette also
    Just to be clear you are connecting the palette to the hub and the duet to the hub
    Hope this helps

  • @Carlo

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this hasn’t worked.

    Are there any specialists that I could pay to set this up for me?
    I’m getting a little fed up with it now.

  • Moderator

    @Carlo said in Very new, issue with palette/duet 2:

    Pretty sure @Phaedrux uses octoprint with his palette also

    I gave up on the Palette and haven't had the time to try fighting with it again. So I'm afraid i'm not much help here.

    It wasn't a connectivity issue though that was the problem it was the inability to keep up with print speed and constantly snapping filament. The slow flow rates needed to successfully print meant days long prints and were so far below the advertised speeds. And they refused to admit there was any problem. The last straw for me was a live stream where they were demonstrating it and the filament snapped live on air right beside the CEO and they completely ignored it.

    The hub they were selling at launch was pi zero based which really wasn't powerful enough to run octoprint well. I don't know if they changed to at least use a Pi3 or if they are still sticking to the zero.

    There are a few threads and docs on the Palette site that might be of more help.

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