Wiring 2 power supplies

  • I am wiring 2 power supplies into my printer. Both 24v. One is a 30a and the other a 20a. This will divide the power for the hotend and the large bed, 410x410. Is it safe/ok to wire them both to one power plug to the wall ? I am in the US 110v.

  • Yes, if there isn't anything else (or only something very small) on the circuit you are using.
    A standard 110V circuit is fused at 15A which is 1650 W give or take. I believe the recommended maximum power draw for an appliance on this circuit is 1300W but you can do 1500W without the circuit breaker going off.

  • @jens55 Thank you very much. That's what I thought the case to be. Can I bring the plug in and attach it to one with leads going directly to the other or should it be done a different way ?

  • I use 2 supplies (12V & 24V) I have the power lead going to the first supply and then I have short jumpers between the AC power terminals (and of course ground) on the two supplies.

  • @jens55 Perfect. That was the plan. So that's how I will do it. Plan is to separate the power for the bed and the hotend to different power supplies and then to run to 3 power banks that supply 24v, 12v, and 5.5v.

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