Question about Restarting after power outage

  • I haven't tried to continue a print after a power outage, but i'm in Florida so this time of year it gets hit almost every day.
    So i wanted to see how, things go after the prints stops, the bed cools down, and you restart the print what is the chance when bed is reheated the part will stick again..?
    I know when my bed cools the part is loose and comes right off, so when reheated will it stick again?.. or is there a trick i need to do, i am printing with petg..

    Thanks gary

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    Well if your part pops off you're not a very good candidate for power loss resume. So maybe invest in a decently sized UPS.

    If the part comes off the bed, there is basically zero chance of reattaching it.

  • I am thinking about a ups, how do you think things would go with multiple power outages where i am some days during a storm i may loose power sometimes 5 times in 15 20 minutes, not for long each time maybe less than a minute.
    I have a couple 20 hour or more prints and i would hate to loose the power 80% or more finished..

    Thanks gary

  • @gorf26 if the printer needs 200 watt and 5 times 2 minutes each, this is 0.033 kWh, so an auto battery of 1 kWh (12 volt 80 Ah eg) should be sufficient.

    But an autobattery should not draw too much current, so I would disable bed heating during ups mode, it should not lower the temperature too fast to be a problem.

  • I'm running 2 24v power supplies one to the bed, and one to the duet wifi.

    Thanks gary

  • @gorf26 I was making an example calculation to show that a UPS will provide sufficient energy a 24V based UPS may fit better in your case. A good description for a UPS solution can be found in this thread:

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