Driver temperature display

  • Hi all, I'm trying to insert driver's temperature in DWC(3.1.1) but the temperature it remains constant at zero.
    I am using the latest firmware version RRF3.1.1 on Duet3.
    I don't understand if I am doing something wrong or if it is not possible to view it correctly, unfortunately I have not found big solutions in the forum.
    I enclose the part of the code:

    M308 S4 Y"drivers" A"DRIVERS"                                     
    M308 S5 Y"mcu-temp" A"MCU"                                        

  • @Marco-Bona said in Driver temperature display:

    but the temperature it remains constant at zero.

    expected behaviour. 0=ok, 100=bad, 150=call someone. those are roughly the only values you'll see. i think its refered to in the docs for M307.

  • @Marco-Bona If the drivers on Duet3 work the same as Duet2, I think you will only 'see' 0, 100, or 150. Here's the note I put in my config.g to remind about this.

    M308 S4 Y"drivers" A"TMC2660"                              ; Case fan - configure sensor 2 as temperature warning and overheat flags on the TMC2660 on Duet
                                                               ; !!! Reports 0C when there is no warning, 100C if any driver reports over-temperature
                                                               ; !!! warning , and 150C if any driver reports over-temperature shutdown

  • Hi.
    Drivers does not show temperature. They gives warning if temperature of driver is about 100 C and shut down when temperature is about 150 C. So until that is always shows 0.

  • @bearer, @Kolbi, @aidar, thanks for clarification!!

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