Is individual homing for two Z-Motors possible?

  • I have two Z-Motors on my 3D-Printer connected via the Duet Expansion Board.
    The heatbed is moved along rails by two threaded rods couppled to the motors axels (one on each side).
    With power switched off, wiggeling on the headbed (like when removing a sticky print from the heatbed) sometimes causes the threaded rods to turn unintentionally.
    I am afraid that over time this will build up to a offset impacting the print quality and eventually might even do some damage to the printer.

    I wondered if it was possible to have individual homing switches for the two motors and e.g. move both motors combined as the Z-axis until any one of them hits the first limit switch, followed by a independent homing movement until both the motors hit their corresponding limit switches.
    Printing would afterwards run normally, moving the two motors unified as the Z-motors.


  • Yes, that's what I have on my Tronxy printer.

    It has dual independent Z motors, and I probe via G32 near the screws and it relevels the bed properly.