Duet 3 Hotend heater issues during print

  • I have a Duet 3 in my BLV printer. I am using 2 24v power supplies. One 20amp the other 30 amp. I have the hotend and Duet 3 supplied by the 20amp. A mossfet for the bed to the other power supply. I keep getting errors of the hotend not heating fast enough or not maintaining temps during a print and it shuts down. Then I have to completely power off to get it to reset. It software resets but until I do a hardware reset I can't get the heater to come back online. I have done multiple PID tunings and saved the settings afterwards.

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    Are you tuning with the part cooling fan on?
    Are you using a heater block silicone sock?
    Is your part cooling duct pointing at the block more than it should?

  • @Phaedrux No the parts cooling fan was not on. I do not have the silicone sock on. I will fix that 🙂 and I will check on the fan but I'm pretty sure it is up away from the heating block sufficiently.

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    Ideally you should use a sock to isolate the block from drafts. It will allow for a more stable temp.

    You should also tune the PID in similar conditions to what you'd be printing in, so having some air flow from the fan is a good idea so that the tuning process gets a more accurate picture of what heat losses will be like during a print.

    Also ensure that your heater cartridge is secured in the block and that the heat block isn't too far up and touching the heat sink. There should be a visible gap where the heat break is between the block and heat sink. If the block touches the heat sink directly it will lose too much heat to maintain a set temp.

    Also verify that running M500 after the PID tuning actually saves the values to config-override. g and also that you have M501 at the end of your config.g to load those values at power on.

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