Availability PanelDue & Duex5

  • Hi !

    Does anybody know when the PanelDue & Duex5 is again available from Duet3D ?

    Duex5 should be available again since 21th of June…. but it isn´t.

  • administrators

    Hi, we have had a manufacturing delay on the Duex5s so are just starting to get boards in. I expect to update the website with stock next week.

  • thanks, what about the PanelDue 5" ?

    I also read that the 7" version isn´t shipped at all. For another 3d-printer i use a cheap amazon Fire7 and the webinterface as interface. I also know that the Duet has an webinterface, so i am asking if i should wait for the PanelDue or just use the amazon Fire7 and the Duet webinterface ….

  • administrators

    Same sort of lead time on the PanelDue 5s. We are working with a new supplier for the 7 inch LCDs as we were not happy with the old supplier, those will be significantly longer to get the required changes implemented. Using a tablet is fine using Duet Web Interface.

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