IR Temperature Sensor

  • I was just wondering if it's possible to connect an IR sensor to Duet Ethernet instead of a thermistor. Is there a daughter board to buy to get this functionality?

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    Do you have an example of an IR temperature sensor you would like to use. My initial reaction would be that it would need some form of interface board and/or modification to the firmware.

  • This one for instance:

    Do you know of any interface boards that I can purchase for something like this?

  • What are you looking to accomplish with this? There might be an easier way.

  • @elmoret:

    What are you looking to accomplish with this? There might be an easier way.

    That's a good question! I'm not using this for an FDM machine. It's a robotic application. I want to measure the temperature of a surface and wait for it to cool down to a room temperature (20-25 deg C for instance) and then continue the moving operation. I'm looking for an easy solution where I don't need design a board or modify the firmware significantly.

    One way I can think of is to attach the sensor to an Arduino and then use trigger macros on the Duet. Any other ideas?

  • That's my go to answer. Hook it up to an arduino which does the thinking, have it emulate an endstop (it flicks a signal on/ off when what you want happens), and have the Macro on duet take care of it form there.

    That said,

    Why not just use a thermistor on the surface?

  • I cannot touch the surface and the thermistor doesn't give me the right number with a gap there.

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    Interesting, it would be cool to see what application you are using the Duet for!

    Without digging into the protocol it uses to communicate in detail it would certainly need some firmware modification to hook it up to the GPIO header. If you plan to make many of these then it would be worth modifying the firmware, if its only a single use or a few then it will be quicker and cheaper to put an arduino inbetween and then use that to trigger an endstop when the required temperature is reached (as is suggested). Arduino nanos are rather cheap these days.

  • I think I'll go with the Arduino option for now then. Thank you all for your responses.

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