duel z axis problems

  • Hypercube evolution printer, 2 0.9 motors for z axis. Having a issue with duel z axis. I have it set up and using my bltouch for skew correction. and that works fine but as the bed gets lower it seems to skew a bit. if i let it down 200mm then go back up it will be roughly 1.6mm off and i have to do the skew correction again. I understand that backlash comes into play but I dont think it should be that much should it? Should I have to run that skew calibration before every print?

  • 0.9 degree motors for z are not really required. try lowering the speed and acceleration of z to see if that helps.

  • @chainbreaker2012 most likely one (or both) of your motors are losing steps. If you're running a recent firmware version and not using external drivers, M122 should show you the stallguard numbers for the drivers.

    As Veti said, reducing the speed, accel and jerk will reduce the load on your motors so might help. Also, check your motor currents - if you can push them a bit higher without the motors/drivers getting too hot you will get a bit more torque.

    I would check for mechanical friction too to minimise the load on the motors. Maybe the lead screws are slightly misaligned? A drop of oil on the threads might help lubricate them.

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    👆 Good advice above.

    Post your config.g as well as the results of M122 to give us a bit more insight into your setup.

    I'd bet on some binding happening if it's that out of whack after only moving up and down 200mm. Normally there should be no skew at all from moving. It's only when the motors are de-energized that they snap back or forth to a full step and get out of sync.

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