RWG-OSD Over Sized Delta Build

  • Whats up everybody! ~Russ Gries here,

    First of all, Thanks to all for the amazing effort put in to this and other projects! theses are no small tasks!!!! Trust me, I know! so THANK YOU!

    I'm currently building and will be running the Duet WiFi board with my current Delta Build.

    Everything is custom and built one part at a time, I have a video series posted here on the project. its quite extensive…

    I'm currently running the Duet 0.8.5, then pre ordered the Wifi board. Ill be using the "old" duet board for the other Delta I build almost 4 years ago:

    any way i would recommend glancing over all the years worth of videos i have published on the main 3D printing research page here:

    I'm posting this to share as well to reference for other posts i will be making.


    ~Russ Gries

    PS. if your interested in this stuff and other research stuff do sub to my you tube to keep up to date on the project! …

  • Just an update on the CNC. First test run with the full system on one power supply…
    most everything has been fully build from scratch...

    its a good start.

    more to come…


  • I'm envious of your workshop - wish I had that amount of space to play around in.

  • @deckingman:

    I'm envious of your workshop - wish I had that amount of space to play around in.

    Funny I was watching one of his video's last night and was thinking the same thing. I could have so many things if I just was willing to give up so many others. Too many hobbies.


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    Russ Just checked out the video, good work!

    Really interesting to see success with milling on a delta!

  • @(In)Sanity:


    I'm envious of your workshop - wish I had that amount of space to play around in.

    Funny I was watching one of his video's last night and was thinking the same thing. I could have so many things if I just was willing to give up so many others. Too many hobbies.


    luckily that's my current place of work. I kinda get free use of the space. but i do work a full time job in that space.

    its 2 fold like most everything 🙂 but its good

    However, I do have a lot of my stuff there.

    Here is a new video that a friend and i did, There for its on his channel. But watch it if your interested in the CNC Delta i'm working on. ( RWG-OSD-CNC-Laser) now… lol

    you wanna see my home shop your gonna need to watch the entire video.

    also this is the first full PCB being made on my delta, using Dip trace>Flat cam>lots of g code editing>duet WiFi>RWG-OSD Delta Custom CNC, Trace cutting, Hole Drilling, And PCB cut out.

    not bad for a first go…
    I'm gonna be making a custom script to edit the G code from Flat cam. as dong it by hand woks but takes for ever 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    most say that a delta CNC is impossible... well... if you are cutting light loads... i say its adequate. I'm thinking about adding a third arm to stabilize the "rocking" motion you get from a 2 joint delta. we need one more plane to make it a 3 point system. im not sure if this will work but i think it will. i still feel even as is i can cut some wood/plastic and such, but at a slower speed than other more rigid CNC's the point was to see if i could do it 🙂 and the answer is ... YES

    also the bed leveling is part of this i need to understand even more. its "kinda" works... i can get in to detail but i want to do that on a bed leveling thread with David and ask some deeper questions. lacking time lately...


    PS. here is my home shop:

    and an updated view with the electronics lab in part of this video:
    Start at 12:25

    its amazing what you can fit in to such a small space and still have space to work…

  • oh and more on that CNC part here:

    videos showing how i made it, i could not find one small enough that had any power… so i made my own...


  • A live Stream Recording Of The RWG-OSD-CNC making a PCB.

    not the best video quality… but for those interested in CNC ing with there 3d printer


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    cool! its awesome to see you pushing the delta architecture outside its comfort zone! (i must admit i skipped to the PCB milling bit!)

  • Thanks,
    I sure love the interface the Duet gives… 🙂

    here is an update video i recorded at the beginning of the year, the last 2 min is some close up HD video of the PCB cutting and after and after it was finished. so if the rest of the video bores you then skip there to see it cutting. 🙂

    also i had some trouble trying to manually set the bed mesh… ??
    but ill ask for questions in the other part of the forums.

    Rock my socks off!!!


  • Hello everyone! its been a bit scene i have been on here, for those who have not seen it, i created a flat coil winder using the duet controlled delta i built,
    here is a few videos of it working:

    it even made it to hackaday, that was cool,

    any hoo, it would not be possible with out the Duet! i "sell" theses to everyone i talk to others about how much i love it and that the community here is one vital roll in its success! 🙂

    Just thought i would post this here as i haven't posted in a while, thanks again to all those who contributed to this platform.

    I do have a request though. in order for this to work correctly, i need to find a way to make a stepper motor turn the cam follower head in the direction that I'm trying to lay the wire, This way i can control precisely where i lay the wire and i dont have to rely on the wire to " pull" the cam around. right now there is an offset between the roller and the zero point of the Gcode / indefector.

    Dose anyone know if there is a way i can use the extruder motor out put ( or an extra output to a driver) that i can automatically tell it to move in accordance to the direction that the endefector is moving?

    The alternative is to offset the Gcode so that the cam follower is in the correct place. if i wanted to place the wire exactly, or make sharp corners i can have to offset this. very hard thing to do.

    I thought about trying a drag knife type Gcode editor for corners. but that's not a good option. because the radius of arcs or any moment really is going to be off set.

    so the best thing is to have a motor that can move the head around to make sure it fallows the current direction on the fly. then i can make the roller in the zero location and have no offset. right now there has to be an offset or the wire / roller will not work correctly.

    If there is any possible way to do this with current duet functionality or G code script... please let me know,

    if there is not please let me know if you'd be interested in making a script or some type of program / addition to the duet that can do this.

    to be clear, I want to drive a stepper motor that would be turning the cam follower (360 deg) so it always was trailing the direction of travel. and for this to be done internally on the fly or from a gcode script that would add the extra g code to do this, using the already created G code for the wire placement.

    This would also be helpful for a drag knife type tool...

    here is just a photo of some # 40 AWG wire with a gap, this is a bifilar coil...
    alt text

    oh and i guess i did not update this thread with the addition of the 9 arms on the delta... i did this for more support on the CNC milling attachment i made.

    Thanks for any input and help / feed back. positive criticism is welcome 😉

    god bless!

    ~Russ Gries

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