Z restore not working on Toolchanger

  • Hello, I'm having a heck of a time getting my Toolchanger working how I'd like. Here is a link including full explanation of what's going on and my config:


    Essentially, I'm attempting to use two tools (Hemera V6 + Hemera Volcano) to print an object with a single process (Simplify3d), where one tool prints supports, and the other prints everything else. After the first toolchange, my Z drops in tPre to allow room for the Volcano, then never comes back up. It begins printing about 10mm or so above the print bed. I am completely stumped, and hoping I am just continually overlooking something. Any help is appreciated.

  • Still haven't figured this out. 3.0 is next, but clearly something else is at play here. Anyone?

  • Alright - Homebrew Toolchanger here myself, running RRF3, but i'm not aware of any significant changes in toolchange behavior.

    are you confident that your z-offsets are set correctly? Does it adjust at all after the first toolchange? It should revert back to the correct spot if your offsets are correct.

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