Log temperatures for post analysis

  • Hello,
    I am testing a bunch of things and would like to log and further analyse the data on temperatures in Excel

    So how do i log and export temperature readings?

  • no built in function i'm affraid; which board and firmware version?

  • @bearer duet wifi+duex5 on latest fw 3

    I thought there is somesort of debugging/logging function that generates log (m929 ?).
    Would be nice if it just logged temperatures on sensors like every 0.5 or 1 second reading interval.. any extra parameters would be supercool.

    Example #1
    I am inserting a thermistor in a hemera’s heatsink. Just looking at DWC and logging stuff manually is a bad way of doing it. Log would show the gradual increase (or not) throughout a print.

    Ambient temperature in relation to buildspace temperature throughout a 24 hour print.

    List goes on.

    That would be very helpful stuff

    I don’t have explicit coding skills, but friends do, so is there an API for this? So a separate service would just read and log from DWC?

  • @MaracMB said in Log temperatures for post analysis:

    I thought there is somesort of debugging/logging function that generates log (m929 ?).

    m929 only logs start/stop of prints, so no good for graphing temps.

    you could use daemon.g with M118 to send a message containing a object model refrence to serial or telnet, and collect the data there; or use M408 from serial or telnet to poll data from the duet - or M409 for a more targeted query of the object model

    M111 enables debug info, not sure of contents and intervals - might affect operation but you could poke it and see what you find?

    you can also query the duet with M408/M409 using HTTP, but in generall it'll be a bit of DIY i think,

    tampermonkey to capture the temp graph from DWC might be an option; there have been a few other threads on the same topic, maybe search to see if I missed someting

  • @bearer thank you. At least i have some options now. I think tampermonkey would be best as it wouldn't load the duet at all. fan tastic 🙂

  • btw if you missed this, it might be of interest?

    although the post wasn't clear if it would work with a duet2 running rrf3.2 or just a duet3 in standalone mode - the mention of dsf that runs on the sbc made it a bit confusing.

  • oooook... that confused the hell out of me.
    i'm no expert but i guess this would then need raspberry pi and not sure if this even runs on Duet2... as you said. confusion is building up.

    for a simple guy like me, tampermonkey is best bet.

  • sleep

    tell me more about this thing you call sleep?:P

    anyways, if you could share your work I'm sure others will appreciate it. as mentioned there has been a couple of similar threads recently. godspeed!

  • i edited/deleted because i thought you won't get it 🙂

    i'll call my coding brain friend and will share if anything comes out of this.

    Thank you for a very constructive debate.

  • @bearer @Phaedrux @dc42
    Sorry for nagging, but could i get a link to an API for this for my programmer?
    He said he’ll write in python. I guess that’s ok?

  • try the links in this thread?

  • @bearer found it. thank you

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