Duet 2 Wifi - With Ref 3 & RepRap Config Tool - Beginner

  • Hello together!

    I am currently trying to configure my Duet 2 Wifi (with the latest Ref 3 FW).
    I used the RepRap Tool for the intital Config and now make step by step the Dozku Wiki.

    But now I noticed that the entry for the maximum hotend temperature in the config.g is missing, although according to the Config Tool it should be 280C.
    The maximum heating bed temperature, however, is entered.

    M143 H0 S120 is for the Heated Bed

    But i miss M143 H1 S280 for the Hotend, or is this wrong and my mistake?
    Is this a bug in the RepRap config tool?

    Hope everybody know what i mean, because my english are not very well. I am a German user with terrible English skills 😇

    Kind Regards from Austria 😉

  • Dear @xenon2008

    the default value applys without a M143 command.

    If you type in M143 H1 in the command window in DWC you will get this

    M143 H1
    Heater 1 monitor 0 uses sensor 1 to generate a heater fault if the reading exceeds 280.0°C
    Heater 1 monitor 1 is disabled

  • But you are right with the bug! i tried another temperature and the M143 is missing!

  • OKay, so if i can read this right, it is "okay" if i want 280C maximum temperature without any command.
    But if i want 240 for example i must add the G Code Command.

    And the RepRap config tool is buggy for this time?

    another little question by the side..
    I found no info on the sellers side..
    Had a 24V 200W Heated Bet Silicon but no info what B Value i must use for the thermistor in it.
    Reparp Configurator has a default Value from 4138.
    But should i change this Value to 3950 for example?

  • administrators

    @xenon2008 said in Duet 2 Wifi - With Ref 3 & RepRap Config Tool - Beginner:

    But should i change this Value to 3950 for example?

    B3950 is typical for Chinese thermistors, including those embedded in silicone heaters.

  • @xenon2008 right add M143 H1 S240

    under the Heater 1 (Hotend)

  • Hello again!

    Thank you sooo much to all who have answered me!
    this is me first "real own" duet board, and what should i say? Its fantastic!
    Thank YOU!

    Kind Regards from Austria 😉

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