ToolBoard PT100 heat Sensor support

  • Well I am in the process or upgrading my Tool changer to Duet 3 and 4 Toolboards with a distribution board, but I am using high temp heaters and pt100 sensors,s there is a daughter board connection on the main board for the 2 pt100 sensors but not on the toolboard, in the documentation it is only stated that the tool board supports thermistors or PT1000 sensors, so my question is dose that mean I can not have all my tools use pt100 and for the 2 available I will have to run wires from the tool to the main board instead of having every thing connected to the toolboard or am I miss reading the documentation,

    Thanks in Advance,

  • @Smiely That pretty much sums it up. Oh and you can't tune the PIDs for heaters on tool or expansion boards so you might want to wire the heaters to the main board as well as the sensors.

  • you can add 2 daughter boards to the duet 3 main board to allow 4 PT100's to be connected.
    As @deckingman said, PID tuning is currently not supported on anything but the main board but there are instructions to do it manually here
    So in your case, its either wire back to the main board or change to PT1000's

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