IR Sensor LED Doesn't Flash

  • I purchased 4 IR sensor boards from Ali, I connected the sensor board to duet wifi to probe a glass bed. The LED on the sensor board does not flash when I apply power to duet board. I checked the connection many times and they are ok. The sensor is showing a reading between 320-330 on the Duet Web Control, and the reading doesn't change when the sensor gets closer to the bed. I tried all 4 sensor boards, all of them have the same behavior.
    Any idea what is the issue?

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    @alielsayid as you have bought a clone IR board, it’s hard to say. See this thread:

    Could be it needs 5V input, not 3.3V (which is the voltage of the probe pin), if it says 5V on the PCB, not VCC. If you have a link for your purchase, post that, or pictures of both sides of the board.


  • Thanks for your reply.
    I tried connecting to 5v, still same problem, no flashing on start.

    Since it's a clone, now I believe it's faulty.
    alt text

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