PanelDue Upgrade Firmware 3.2-RC3 Screen distortion

  • PanelDue integrated Firmware Upgrade 7.0 nologo.bin. Screen color change & invert and mirror distortion after an update from v3 with Firmware1.24 to Firmware 3.2-RC3. After a rollback to Firmware 1.24 the same situation. The screen shows a lite yellow background instead of white and the invert and mirror could be corrected with both installations utilizing the setup menu. Under "Setup", "Light theme" the screen shows a lite yellow background with three horizontal different color strips in the individual pick box themes.
    In "Dark theme 1" the background is black with yellow text and "Dark theme 2" a lite green background is there. This situation is the case if hooked up to the Duet2 WiFi or only provided with power over the USB connection. Presumably the LCD Display has a failure since everything other than the display failure works fine. Another PaneDue with pluged in Controller and an upgrade to 3.2-RC3 shows no color problems or distortions. Before this update the display was OK.
    What is the problem? Can anyone help!

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    I first moved this to beta firmware and then re-read and saw that you had rolled back to 1.24 with the same issues

    can you post a picture please.

  • Have you not got makerbase paneldue 7?
    If yes, it needs paneldue5 firmware instead of 7.

  • @T3P3Tony Thanks for the prompt response. Here are the pictures from the 3 possible screen formats.
    IMG_5575.JPG IMG_5574.JPG IMG_5573.JPG

  • @KipK
    No it was delivered directly from Escher Technologies Limited UK, as a PanelDue 7i with the Atmel ATSAM4S4B and the version 3.0 display controller.

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    @buggy said in PanelDue Upgrade Firmware 3.2-RC3 Screen distortion:

    7.0 nologo.bin

    Wrong firmware, use the 5i_7i binary instead for the integrated versions of PanelDue.

  • @dc42 Thank you so much for your correction on my misinterpretation downloaded from the GitHub site. Everything works fine with the display after the correct Firmware installation. I should have looked at the Duet Documentation on the installation of the new announced version. In "Installing and Updating PanelDue Firmware" by IanA-S, the table recommending the correct firmware for the integrated version is compact and concise. 😇 👍

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