Sudden perma hotend heater fault?

  • Ender 3 V2
    Duet Wifi
    Essentially all stock parts, just a BLTouch added.l

    I was printing, everything was lovely, then I went to start another and the heater showed a fault. Reset didn't fix it. Fiddling the wires didn't fix it. Changing the cable didn't fix it.

    I have my hotend heater attached to the E0 connection.

    When I add power, I don't get a reading off my multimeter. I don't know if it's because it's not getting power, or because the fault is stopping it, or what.

    I would sincerely love some assistance!

  • check if the fuses have blown.

  • @Veti Fuses are still good. Bed still heats fine. Everything else works too. And I get proper readings from the multimeter everywhere else is good. It's just the nozzle heater.

  • I currently have everything but power unplugged from the board. The web interface still says fault, even though the unplugged bed heater just says 'off'.

    Can anyone please help with the problem??

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    Is there any more error messages in the console? It should say more than just fault. Screen shot? What does the temperature show as?

  • @Phaedrux
    No errors ever showed up. The temp would read as normal. Just the heater would show fault.

    I unplugged everything except the power in, and it still showed fault instead of active/standby/off.

    I sent the M562, and the heater would reset to OFF, but when
    I manually restarted the machine, it went right back to Fault.

    I inspected the board best as I could, tried a new heater. Nothing worked.

    Then the last time I turned the machine on, it magically read as functioning again and heated properly.

    The casing on the heater spot on the board wiggles, and I'm wondering if something is not fully connected inside, but I couldn't find any instruction on how to take it off to findnout both without damaging the board, much less how to replace it.

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    @Kediil said in Sudden perma hotend heater fault?:

    The casing on the heater spot on the board wiggles,

    Can you post a video of what you mean by this?

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