Carbon fiber under carriage

  • Hi,

    I bought a filabase kit 400x400 print bed for my Blackwidow Cartesian printer 400x250.

    The new bed is a heavy duty bed and it maybe would better fit for a core XY but the blackwidow is what I have to work with.

    Now to the question..
    I need to make a complete new undercarriage and it will be supported by two linear rails.

    The print bed is heavy so acceleration will need to go down and a new undercarriage should be as light as possible.

    As I see it I have two options, aluminum plate or carbon fiber. In both cases I see that a plate should be cut with profile/holes to reduce weight.

    Will 6 millimeter carbon sheet be as rigid as a 6 mm aluminum sheet or will it flex more...?

  • 6mm CF twill weave is overkill in my opinion.

    5mm is more than enough. I'm quite certain that 4mm would be enough.

    I'm using 1.5mm G10 on a 300x300 custom made bed with a aluminium bracing underneath and it works fine.

  • just in case here is a light weight one (aluminium)

  • @Veti I seen that one, its too small because of the pre-drilled holes of the buildplate. Thanks though for the effort to help.

  • @Thalios ok thats good feedback, I have no idea so your input is helpfull. May I ask if you have a have a homogeneous board or a weight adjusted one? If you can post a picture it helps.

  • IMG_4587.jpeg IMG_4590.jpeg IMG_4589.jpeg IMG_4591.jpeg

    Actual bed is 330mm. Print area 300x300. It is the Wanhao bed.

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