Strange fan problem

  • Hi,
    I Duet wifi and I supply it with 24v
    I have a E3D v6 24v setup and corresponding e3D fan for hotend.

    All has been running great until the fan stopped, I have tested another fan and cables with no luck.

    The I took a multimeter and measured voltage on FAN1, it shows 12v.. I have not changed anything.. It should read 24v, right. FAN0 gives 24v..

    Can someone explain if Im being stupid or if something changed.. To make it even odder I tested with another Duet Wifi but with same config card.. same result 12 v on FAN1

  • are you sure that the multimeter is working?

    have you measured the voltage of the powers supply with that multimeter?

  • @Veti
    Yes I did, its working.

    Just because I wrote this post it now turns again.
    Whatever fixes the problem is good 😀

  • @RogerL

    i would suggest you check the wiring.

    maybe there is bare wiring, or the wire is not making good contact

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