Panel Due 7i Troubleshooting Help

  • Finally unboxed a 7i purchased some time ago from Filastruder. It is a fully integrated version, and beleive silkscreen says V2.0 . I need help in troubleshooting a seemingly failed LCD screen or driver. Sadly this has never been used.

    Backlight light is on when powered up either from USB or from 4 wire DuetWiFI. It does not turn off with reset test nor after erase and reset. No image is seen. Reset does cause BL to briefly flash off then back on.

    Firmware was erased and upgraded to latest V3 7.0 No Logo using Bossa. Connected fine, flashed and then "verified" flash was ok. Erase All, Lock, and Boot from Flash were all checked on interface.
    After reset and power off the backlight remains on and no other image or details are displayed just like before. And hitting reset does not turn off backlight but does cause it to momentarily turn off then back on.

    Please suggest some troubleshooting next steps if you can think of any.

    Thank you

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    I think you've used the wrong firmware file.

    Please try this one:

    An make sure you follow all the steps for updating.

  • Thank you Phaedrux for the quick reply.
    I both feel a little foolish for picking the wrong file and hopeful that this would work.
    It did not.
    Backlight still stays on after erase, flash, reset and power cycle and still no image. The firmware flashed fine with the new .bin and was verified and the check boxes were set so that micro seems to be fine and it is something beyond the micro to the LCD.
    Any other thoughts on testing signals/voltages, connectors? The wiki states that hitting reset should turn the backlight off and that does not this a clue?

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    Well let's not give up on it yet.

    First, try downloading the bin file again. Make sure it's saved to a new location. After, check the file size of the bin file and ensure it is 165kb.

    Then go through the firmware erase procedure again. Connect the PanelDue to your computer with a usb cable you are certain is capable of data transfer. Hold the Erase button down for at least a second. Then press the reset button.

    In bossa choose your firmware bin file, check Erase all, boot to flash, and lock, Ensure you've chosen the paneldue in the device serial port drop down. You should see a ATSAM device listed at the bottom. Then write the firmware and verify it back.

    Close bossa and click the reset button again.

    Any luck?

  • @Phaedrux
    Retried with close attention to all luck. But I did notice that the L1 inductor on the flex PCBA going to the screen was smashed...either blown up (not likely) or just mechanically smashed. Do you know what the value of that is? I looked on the LCDPANEL website and the schematics in GITHUB but this was not detailed anywhere. I should replace that first and then try to troubleshoot from there.
    Ill be back!
    Thanks again.

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