Did I fry my stepper drivers?

  • I increased the length of my stepper motor's wires by soldering in a section of spare wire. I forgot to wrap the solder points in electrical tape. So when I bound them together with a wire wrap all the solder points were able to make contact with each other. I plugged this motor into my Duet Maestro.

    I was troubleshooting with this motor plugged in for quite a while before I realized what I had done. Is it possible that I fried my stepper drivers? Now I can't seem to get anything to work and I get the (Error: Short to ground detected on drivers: X) error.

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    Your description + the short to ground error means its likely that the driver is damaged. If you have known good motor that works on another axis then try it on that driver. Hopefully you have an unused stepper driver output and can remap the x axis?

  • I think I may have fried the #5 driver on the Duet Maestro Addon board (I'm trying to setup IDEX). Originally I thought I fried drive #4 as well but that was because I was using a bad stepper motor.

    I am trying to use driver #5 for my U axis. I just tested driving the U axis. It successfully moved 2mm on two separate commands, then stopped working. It doesn't move at all but makes noise as if it is trying to move.

  • " (Error: Short to ground detected on drivers: X) error."

    ^ This is no longer occurring, this was caused to a faulty stepper motor that I was using originally.

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    Make sure you've identified the stepper motor phases and wired them correctly.


    Also make sure your crimps are good.

  • I have been testing the driver with 3+ other motors and wiring that I know works. Same result, I have ordered another expansion board. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

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