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  • Hi David,
    I am interested in using your PCB effector when it comes out. I am currently using a Titan Direct drive. I am not sure whether I can use direct drive in your PCB effector, can you please clarify. If not, can you suggest some modifications to use it with Titan.

    Here is my current setup:

    Best Regards,

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    The PCB effector is designed to work with a modified V6 heatsink that E3D has made specially for us. You could mount a direct drive or remote direct drive extruder on top of it, but the extruder drive would have to be small enough to fit in the space available.

  • Thanks David! When do you think the PCB effector will be available for ordering?


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    Should be early next month.

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    Just to add the Titan uses a groove mount system which is not the same as our custom e3d heatsink. You would probably need to use the Bowden adaptor non the titan and have that run directly into the top of our custom heatsink

  • Thanks Tony! I am not that satisfied with bowden set up. I think remote direct drive would be a better option for me.


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    Hi Vasan

    If you look at the Titan there is a length of PTFE that runs from the top of the guide near the hobb, and down into the heatsink on the hotend. In this case I mean that this length of PTFE would be extended slightly, so its not really converting to a full bowden setup.

  • Hi Tony,

    I understand your point! so I have to design an adapter/housing to mount the titan extruder with stepper close to the pcb effector and run the PTFE tube from there to the PCB effector. Am I correct?

    One thing that pops up in my mind is to design a slightly raised platform with three small pillars (1" tall). These pillars could be mounted to the PCB effector using the holes for heatsink mount. The PTFE tube will be extended just by 1" and the extruder will be mounted firmly to the effector.

    I am not sure about the viability of the idea. Let me know your suggestions Tony!


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    That should work but why make it 1" rather than as short as possible.
    One thing to check is if the titan + motor fits on the effector without fouling the arms.

  • Good Point Tony! I think they will foul up the arms. Titan with Slimline motor is approximately 55mm wide and the PTFE tube is at an offset from the outer edge the extruder body. So while centring the tube on the hot end you will have approximately 45 mm from the centre to the edge. I am pretty sure this set up will foul up the arms based on the figures provided.

  • I suspect if you want direct drive on a delta on anything but the largest delta effectors you need remote/cable driven extruders.

    I was a big advocate of flying extruder but whilst it's better than bowden its not as good as cable driven.

  • Hi DjDemonD,
    I am seriously contemplating about Zesty Nimble. I am planning to have test two set ups:

    (1) Titan Direct drive setup with your drop in Piezo Probe ( I will have a bit reduced build area plus the hot end will not be centred on effector - I am fine with it) - When will the piezo be in stock again DJ?

    (2) Zesty Nimble with PCB effector

    Currently, I have IR sensor for auto calibration. It would be nice to see how they stack against each other.

    Any suggestions or thoughts I could try with them?

  • Thanks DJ!

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