BLtouch just blinks red

  • "Duet is so easy so set up" they say. But I have spent 2 says just trying to get a probe to work. Duet2 Wifi, BLtouch V3.1 on 3.3v power. Connected to heater3 pin. Not many options in the configurator so not sure what the deal is. I noticed in the Duet doc for the BL touch they used 5v.

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    I can tell you're a bit grumpy, so take your time and cool down, and come back when you're ready to do some troubleshooting like a big boy.

  • @Phaedrux Well I paid $175 USD for a board with little to no support so yea im a little grumpy. I don't think BLtouch is the problem at this point as I can't verify the config was accepted by the board. I asked a few times how Im supposed to communicate with the board if I can't connect with wifi or have a screen but have not got a answer. I have the board connected via USB now and it appears in my Device manager so where do we go from here? Will erasing the board and updating firmware to 3.1.1 and starting from new help? The first time I set up the board it was easy and I didn't have to manually edit any files in the folder.

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    @Kwad3d said in BLtouch just blinks red:

    little to no support

    I'm holding your hand through the process right now, so take it easy tiger.

    Let's leave this BLTouch problem on the shelf for the moment and focus on getting connected to the board again.

  • @Phaedrux Yes agreed. let me see how far I can get with the info and documentation you provided and I will get back to you

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