Surface quality issue

  • Hi all,
    I just replaced cheap 8-bit noname board with the Duet Wifi and seeing strange quality issues (see photo attached). On lower speeds (like 20-30 mm/s) flat vertical surfaces are showing some banding with interleaving diagonal stripes and normal-ish surface. The issue gradually goes away at ~60 mm/s where surface becomes much better.
    I didn't see such issue with my old board, and I didn't change anything in the physical build, just replaced the board, so shouldn't be a mechanical problem.
    Jerk, microstepping changes and acceleration do not seem to affect the issue.
    It is a custom-built delta printer.
    Duet is running on the latest firmware.
    Any help is really appreciated.


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    What motors are you using, and what currents have you set in the M906 command in config.g.?

    What microstepping stepping are you using? (M350 command)

  • I'm using some noname (Anycubic) 1.8º NEMA17 steppers. Label says they're rated for 1.5A with 4.4mH inductance.
    M906 sets 1200mA current, and for M350 I've tried 1/16 microstepping (80 steps per mm) and 1/32 (160 step per mm) without any noticeable difference.

  • I'm also using Zesty Nimble extruder without much experience with using it. Checking with Zesty folks in parallel if it is extruder-related.

  • Same firmware configuration & slicer settings except the speed is 60 mm/s instead of 24 (or 20 - can't remember) mm/s on the first print:

  • Maybe a temp issue? Looks maybe too hot?

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    It looks to me like uneven extrusion, because there is a regular horizontal repeat on each layer that isn't lined up between layers. Also I think there is over-extrusion.

  • Hi zlowred!

    Did you resolve problem this?

  • This problem was resolved.
    It was due to the fault we detected in the cable manufacturing.
    Our supplier admitted fault and all the cables have been replaced.
    Full story here:

  • Correct. Similar flat surface with exactly the same settings looks like this: with the replacement cable

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