UNSOLVED Heater fault on new board

  • Just received my new Duet 2 Wifi (from local, genuine reseller ;- ) and fired it up to look at the wonder.
    I have no previous experience in 3D printers, nor do I have anything attached to it (that goes for thermistors as well).
    I noticed that heater 1 reports error:


    (Still no thermistor connected there, board turned off)

    Later, I click the Heater 2 label and get:


    There is also a notification:


    ... which gives the hint that the faults are due to missing thermistors.
    Those are not yet purchased, but I could use a resistor for testing.

    Can someone confirm that the board is functioning as expected? (New board, no thermistors)



  • most likely you have generated a config for version 3 but have not installed rrf3 on the duet.


    also you need to upgrade to 3.0 first before going to 3.1.1

  • Thanks.
    I'll look into it, but the only thing I've done in terms of configuration is setting up the wifi and then looking at signal strength (M552 variants and M122).


  • what is missing in your printer?

    if you buy a thermistor i would recommend a semitec 104-gt2 or a pt1000

  • @Veti Basically everything 😉
    The Duet is more or less the first component I bought (work in IT, need to get the computer in place before can work kind of approach, I guess), still working on printer design.


  • without stepper motors, heater, thermistors and fans, you can not really test the duet.

  • if you need suggestions on which components to get, we can make suggestsions.

    a good starting point for parts is the voron bom.
    or the blv cube bom

  • @Veti I'm aware of that. I'm basically just trying to find out whether the immediate faults reported are reason enough to open a case with the dealer.

    It's like a new car; the low oil pressure is reported in the dashboard and is visible right away whereas the bad stitching in the seats takes a while to show up. I'm merely acting on the oil lamp before purchasing the trailer to go with the car 😉


  • you could connect a 100k resistor across the thermistor connector. that would emulate 25C

  • administrators

    @Veti said in Heater fault on new board:

    you could connect a 100k resistor across the thermistor connector. that would emulate 25C

    That will give you a temperature reading of about 25C; but you will still get a heater fault if you try heating, because the firmware will notice that the reading is not rising when the heater is on.

  • So you know there are diferent values with different temp sensors and thermistors the pt -1000 can be used directly with your duet. A lot of the cheap,boards use a pt-100 which can't without a daughter board to convert the signal ..when you buy a pt1000 there will be a gcoade entry in the heater section of you config g file you most likely will have to change, that # should be available from the vendor you buy the thermistor from.

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