Z Banding on z axis

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    I'm setting up a printer on the Duet Wifi on RRF3.1 and getting the banding seen in the attached image. Single wall print, around 100mm wide on each size. The ripple interval changes at various speeds (shown in writing) but is fairly obvious at most speeds. Any ideas as to what would cause this?

  • That is not z-banding, z-banding would be a horizontal artifact. That looks like the artifact that happens from running the toothed side of your belts on a smooth idler. Different belt tensions can help with that a little.

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    It's also more common on single wall prints due to the previous layer not being entirely solid when the next layer gets laid down which can lead to some wiggle wobble from the nozzle dragging. Does it happen on a 2 wall+10% infill print of the same model?

  • @Phaedrux So theoretically should vanish if we increase the effectiveness of the cooling?

    On models with multiple layers and infill there are some artefacts, but not the same as this.

    I've just changed the cooling fan duct to something that should be more effective than what it came with stock. I'll run another set of tests...

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    I don't know about vanish. It would depend on what the majority source is. Belt tooth vibrations could be a very likely culprit as well.

  • It can also be motor resonance. Stepper motors will move more smoothly at certain speeds. You can try just changing the speed to see if that helps.

    Printing a tower that changes speed by ~5mm/s every 5mm is a nice way to see if that is what is causing the artifact.

  • @theruttmeister So that is what I was doing - trying to figure out if it was hardware - I suspected something to do with belt tension or the tooth profile showing through into the print. However, I was just controlling the speed manually. How do I change the print speed every x layers / height?

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    You could either edit the gcode file manually to add the commands, or most slicers have that functionality built in in various ways.

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