Cancel print

  • When I press the Cancel print button, I kind of expect the print to be cancelled, heaters to be switched off and the printer reset to Home.

    That last point doesn't happen. I need to switch pages, and find the Home All button.
    Is there a way for me to modify the functionality of the button? Or is it baked in?

  • Put the codes you want the printer to do in the sys/stop.g file.

  • administrators

    Actually it's the cancel.g file that gets run when a print is cancelled. If it isn't found then the motors and heaters are turned off but the head is not moved.

  • And if you don't turn off heaters in the cancel.g file, but you do have a cancel.g file (with g28, for eg) the heaters don't turn off. I like this feature very much, as I manually set Z height and so having the heaters remain on saves time when restarting a print to adjust z height.

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